Steadkey’s fast and easy approach

The homebuying process can be fraught with stress and last-minute surprises.
We’re here to help make it easy.

1. Complete App/Upload docs

Deliver your information easily and securely with our online loan app and doc center.

2. Go Over Loan Options

Schedule an appointment to meet face to face or go over loan options over the phone.

3. Find Your New Home

Use our loan calculator customized for your specific profile as you shop for a home to get instant estimates.

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What makes Steadkey Different?

No delays. No last-minute rejection. No heartbreak.

Hey buyers, get started on the right foot before finding the house of your dreams. Reach out and we will help set you up for success.

Steadkey’s fast and easy approach

The homebuying process can be fraught with stress and last-minute surprises.
With our unique approach, you can be confident in purchasing the home of your dreams.

Buyers pre underwrite


Steadkey flips the home-buying process around getting the underwriter involved at the beginning of the process to make sure you won't experience any surprises once you have put an offer on a home.

  • 1/3 of realty transactions are plagued by delays
  • 46% of transaction delays were triggered by “financing issues”
Buyers document center

Document Center

Your Steadkey-approved lender will walk you through the process of getting pre-approved. They will request all of the required info through our easy-to-use Document Center, helping you keep track of what's needed. You can even be notified of upcoming deadlines to keep you on track towards your new home.

  • All document files are encrypted using AES 256 encryption (Department of Defense standard for storing sensitive files)
  • Only the lender and the buyer are able to access the files
  • All network communications are encrypted using the highest SSL methods available
Buyers loan calculator

Loan Calculator

Run as many scenarios as you want as you shop for a home to see if you're approved, what your monthly payment is and how much cash you need at closing.

We've spent a lot of time building a robust calculation system with the parameters you really want and need to get good estimations.

Buyers approval letter

Approval Letters

Realtors can auto-generate and send Approval Letters when you find a house of interest, speeding the point of contact with the Seller. Speed is key when it comes to putting an offer on the home of your dreams, so why not get some help?

  • Having a pre-approval letter is a must when buying a home
  • Pre-approved buyers are more likely to land a loan than those without the initial credit screening