Steadkey makes it easy for all the players in the homebuying process. Our app gets the realtor, lender and buyer all working together from the start, and keeps the team on the same page throughout the process with automatic updates and check-ins.

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We are committed to creating tools and solutions that make a real difference in the home buying experience for buyers, realtors and lenders. We have multiple solutions designed to fit your needs that will make your life easier and reduce stress. You can pick one solution to fill in a gap or our use our end to end solution to deliver a seamless process for your clients.

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Buying a house is more than just a transaction. For a buyer, it is the time when you establish your home. There are a lot of decisions to make, and many things that can go wrong. We want to ensure your experience is excellent and we only partner with the best.

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“Steadkey comes with my highest recommendation. This is a simple and easy-to-use application that makes it easy for your real estate agents to print up a perfect "pre-approval" letter 24/7 without having to wait on you, but you stay in control and are automatically notified every time they print up a new letter ”

Carl White / CEO,